remi bader weight loss

Remi Bader, a well-known social media influencer, has gained 2.3 million followers on TikTok with her honest reviews of plus-size clothing. Recently, she has been in the spotlight for her weight loss, leading to much speculation and comments from her followers.

Despite this attention, Remi has decided to set boundaries on what she shares about her personal life, especially after facing body-shaming online.

Remi Bader’s Weight Loss Journey and Setting Boundaries

remi bader weight loss

Remi Bader stopped taking the drug because it made her binge eat badly. She has been open about her struggle with binge eating. She said a doctor told her that it was definitely because she took Ozempic. The drug made her feel like she wasn’t hungry for a long time, and she lost some weight.

Remi wrote an essay for Nylon where she talked about her weight loss and how she is dealing with online trolls. She shared that she is grateful for her career but realizes the need to set boundaries on how much she shares about her life.

Remi noticed that people felt entitled to know every detail about her, which made her feel obligated to share more than she was comfortable with.

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Remi loves being part of a community that discusses body image openly, but the negative comments started affecting her mental health.

She decided to put her mental health first and stopped focusing on her body and physical health in her posts. While she might share about her body in the future, for now, she prefers to keep some things private.

Remi also acknowledged that some people think negative comments come with being a social media influencer, but the body-shaming contributed to her disordered body image.

Seeing negative comments every day about her weight made her feel awful and worsened her condition. She realized she needed to separate her online presence from her personal life to protect her mental health.

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The Impact of Online Speculation and Remi’s Response

Despite feeling guilty about sharing less about her health and fitness journey, Remi understood that it was essential for her well-being. She questioned whether she was letting her followers down by not posting about certain topics but ultimately decided her mental health was more important.

Remi remains committed to advocating for body inclusivity in the fashion industry, but she is drawing a line in sharing details about her body and health journey.

After her essay in Nylon, an Instagram user criticized her for not addressing comments about her appearance and posted a poll asking if she should be more transparent.

Remi responded by reminding everyone that she doesn’t owe anyone details about her health journey. She emphasized that she has been harassed for her weight for years and decided to focus on her mental and physical health.

In September 2023, Remi shared a tearful video on TikTok calling out the “disgusting” body-shaming comments she received. She explained that while she initially thought sharing her diet and exercise routines would help others, the constant negativity made her change her mind.

Remi decided to keep her health journey private and pleaded with social media users to stop commenting on her body. She concluded by saying that she is taking care of herself the best she can and will no longer share details about her body with her followers.

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