Lindsay Hubbard Weight Loss

They say the best revenge is living well, but ask Lindsay Hubbard, and she’d say the best revenge is living well and looking even better.

Following a highly publicized breakup with her Summer House co-star and ex-fiancé Carl Radke in October 2023, Lindsay has undergone a significant transformation, both physically and emotionally. Her journey has been one of reconnecting with herself and prioritizing her health and well-being.

Lindsay Hubbard Weight Loss: Embracing Exercise as Therapy

Lindsay Hubbard Weight Loss

Lindsay admits her weight loss, she lost “a lot of weight” after the breakup due to stress and anxiety. Exercise has always been “a form of therapy” for her, having grown up “playing every sport under the moon.”

She views each workout as a time to connect with herself and appreciates the physical and mental health benefits. “You’re in your world. It’s the one time that no one has access to you,” she says.

One of Lindsay’s go-to workouts is simply walking around the city, often with a friend. “Walking is just a great way to clear your mind and catch up, while also doing low-level cardio,” she says.

Despite usually being a runner, Lindsay has found walking to be a gentler form of exercise that still tones her legs. She also swears by the SotoMethod for toning her core, although maintaining a consistent routine can be challenging due to her travel schedule.

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The Role of Nutrition in Lindsay’s Weight Loss

Lindsay Hubbard Weight Loss

To fuel her workouts, Lindsay opts for simple, nourishing meals. She starts her busy days with a protein-packed breakfast, which could be a smoothie, yogurt with granola, or eggs.

Lunch typically involves a half sandwich or a salad. While her approach to dinner is more flexible, especially when ordering in or dining out, Lindsay has started cooking simple dishes again. Her favorite meals include fish like salmon, paired with Jasmine rice and roasted vegetables.

A Balanced Approach to Alcohol

Lindsay Hubbard Weight Loss

Lindsay’s relationship with alcohol has also changed since the breakup. While she didn’t go sober, she significantly reduced her intake. During the initial period after the breakup, Lindsay found solace in the support of her friends, who would bring wine to her apartment.

Now, she enjoys a glass of wine with dinner but takes a more measured approach to drinking, focusing on her health and staying busy with her career.

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Healing and Moving Forward

Ultimately, Lindsay views her breakup as a “cleansing” experience. She emphasizes the importance of taking control of one’s health and nutrition during times of uncertainty. “I had a very certain future—or, I thought I did—and all of a sudden, it was very uncertain.

So then you start looking to what you can control in that environment,” she explains.

Looking within has been crucial for Lindsay’s healing process. She believes in trusting one’s intuition and recognizing red flags. “It’s important to just listen to what’s right for you,” she says.

Through her transformation, Lindsay has become the strongest version of herself, both inside and out, and continues to inspire others with her resilience and commitment to personal well-being.

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