Is Jackson West Gay

Officer Jackson West, portrayed by Titus Makin, played a significant role on the TV show “The Rookie.” Initially assigned to the Mid-Wilshire Division, West trained under Officer Angela Lopez in Seasons 1-2 and under Officer Doug Stanton in Season 3.

During Lopez’s absence, Officer Quigley Smitty also mentored him. In the episode “Amber,” West was promoted to Police Officer II, often patrolling the 7-Adam-07 beat with badge number 33356.

As a character, West’s personal life, including his sexual orientation, wasn’t extensively explored on the show, leaving fans to speculate about his identity beyond his professional duties.

Is Jackson West Gay? How He Handles His Sexuality?

Is Jackson West Gay

Officer Jackson West hasn’t confirmed his sexual orientation on “The Rookie,” but the show has hinted he might be gay. Fans have noticed clues, like his flirtation with a male suspect and his discomfort with public displays of affection between straight couples.

The series mainly focuses on West’s professional life as an LAPD officer. His close friendships with rookie Lucy Chen and mentorship from Officer Sergeant Grey are highlighted. In season three, the show addresses his personal struggles, particularly the challenges he faces as a black cop, without focusing solely on his sexuality.

Titus Makin Jr., who plays Officer West, has emphasized the importance of portraying West as a well-rounded character. This approach ensures that West’s story is rich and multifaceted, going beyond his sexual orientation.

Ambiguity of Officer West’s Sexuality:

“The Rookie” deliberately keeps Officer West’s sexuality ambiguous. This choice lets fans interpret and discuss the character without fixed assumptions or stereotypes.

The show mainly focuses on the tough professional challenges police officers face, emphasizing the demanding nature of their work.

How Did Jackson West Die on The Rookie?

Is Jackson West Gay

Jackson West’s death begins in the season 3 finale during Angela Lopez’s and Wesley Ever’s wedding. Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz’s men come after Lopez and West. In the season 4 premiere, “Life and Death,” security footage reveals they were captured.

When Jackson resists, Armando shoots him in the back, killing him. It’s rumored that Titus Makin Jr. left before season 4, so a body double filmed his death scene, which is why Jackson is shot from behind, hiding his face.

Makin Jr.’s departure follows other exits from the show, like Mercedes Mason and Afton Williamson, but Jackson West’s death remains the most shocking.

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