Andre Fili Ethnicity

The featherweight division is gearing up for a clash between Cub Swanson and Andre Fili at UFC 303. Both fighters have honed their skills through personal hardships. Fili, a 33-year-old featherweight with a record of 23-11-0, has faced challenges similar to his opponent.

Known in the UFC world as ‘Touchy,’ Andre Fili stands out not only for his fighting prowess but also for his unique ethnicity.

Born on June 25th, 1990, Fili’s journey to success has been marked by resilience and determination. Despite a difficult childhood, he has emerged as a notable fighter. Let’s delve into his family background and ethnicity.

What is Andre Fili’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Andre Fili Ethnicity

Andre Fili was born in Federal Way, Washington, and is American by nationality. His ethnicity is a mix of Samoan and Hawaiian, giving him a unique background in the UFC world.

Fili has been fighting professionally since 2009, boasting 10 wins by knockout and 3 by submission. He started training at 14, driven by a desire for recognition and fame. His rough childhood likely played a role in shaping his resilience and strength.

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Growing up in a broken household, Fili faced many challenges. His father, who is of Samoan descent, was frequently in and out of jail, leaving his mother as the primary caregiver.

The turbulent environment and his father’s imposing presence had a significant impact on Fili, fueling his passion for combat sports as an outlet for his anger and frustrations.

What Challenges Did Andre Fili Face Growing Up?

Andre Fili Ethnicity

Andre Fili grew up in a troubled home where both parents were violent towards each other and their children. His mother ran the household while his father was often in prison.

When his father was home, he would abuse Fili’s mother, and a young Fili witnessed these brutal acts. This environment made Fili angry and fierce, as he often faced similar violence.

In his youth, Fili lied to his friends about how much this pain affected him. In an interview with Yahoo, he later admitted, “I can talk honestly about it now. If you had asked me when I was young if it bothered me, I’d have lied and said it didn’t. It did affect me a great deal.”

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Andre Fili Ethnicity

He felt ashamed that he couldn’t protect his mother from his physically stronger Samoan father. Fili also tried to keep his younger sister safe, but as a child, his ability to protect was limited.

Fili’s life changed in 2009 when he moved to Sacramento to join Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male. The move marked a turning point, and he credited Faber with helping him find a path out of his dark past.

Fili reconciled with his father in 2019 after 17 years of estrangement. He also overcame challenges in his UFC career, including eye surgery that postponed a fight. Now, at 33, Fili is set to fight Cub Swanson at UFC 303.

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