Ruby Soho Announces Pregnancy with Angelo Parker

There’s a new kind of championship belt coming to the home of Ruby Soho – and it’s not made of gold! Following this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Soho shared some incredibly personal news with the AEW Universe, revealing that she is pregnant with her partner’s baby, fellow wrestler Angelo Parker.

The announcement came as a heartwarming surprise to fans. While Soho and Parker have been romantically involved on-screen as part of an ongoing storyline, this development is firmly outside the realm of kayfabe (professional wrestling jargon for storylines).

After the conclusion of Dynamite, Soho returned to the ring, this time with Parker by her side. The couple embraced in the center of the squared circle, and with a beaming smile, Soho shared the exciting news of their growing family.

This genuine moment of joy was a delightful departure from the usual intensity of AEW programming. Fans erupted in cheers, showering the couple with congratulations. Social media quickly followed suit, with wrestlers and followers alike sending their well wishes to the soon-to-be parents.

While the pregnancy isn’t a part of their current on-screen dynamic, Soho and Parker’s real-life relationship adds a layer of depth and authenticity to their performances. Their on-screen romance has been a captivating subplot, with both wrestlers showcasing impressive range and emotional connection.

It will be interesting to see how AEW chooses to handle Soho’s absence from in-ring competition, and if they decide to incorporate the pregnancy into their storyline at a later date.

This news comes at a particularly exciting time for both wrestlers. Soho, known for her infectious enthusiasm and undeniable talent, has carved out a strong niche in the AEW women’s division. Her charismatic presence and innovative moves have made her a fan favorite. Parker, a skilled tag team competitor, has also been steadily building momentum. Their personal happiness and impending parenthood undoubtedly fuels their professional drive.

The world of professional wrestling can be a demanding one, requiring grueling schedules and a dedication to physical fitness. The challenges of balancing a career in professional wrestling with parenthood are significant.

However, countless wrestlers have navigated these waters successfully, proving that dedication and a supportive team can make the dream work.

For example, superstars like Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes, and Saraya and Miro have all demonstrated that a fulfilling wrestling career can co-exist with parenthood.

These couples have paved the way for Soho and Parker, offering valuable inspiration and setting a positive precedent for aspiring wrestlers who may one day choose to start families.

While the specifics of Soho’s maternity leave and return to the ring haven’t been officially announced, there’s no doubt that the AEW Universe eagerly awaits her comeback. Her passion for the sport and her undeniable talent guarantee a triumphant return.

In the meantime, all eyes are on the happy couple. Congratulations once again to Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker! This exciting new chapter in their lives promises to be just as fulfilling as their in-ring careers.

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Beyond the Ring: Balancing Wrestling and Parenthood

Soho and Parker’s pregnancy announcement has sparked conversations about the unique challenges faced by wrestlers when it comes to parenthood. The demanding schedule, the physical toll of the sport, and the constant travel all present hurdles for aspiring wrestler-parents.

However, with careful planning and a strong support system, it is absolutely possible to thrive in both areas. Here are a few key considerations for wrestlers who are planning to start a family:

  • Open Communication with Management: Having an open and honest conversation with management about your plans is crucial. Discussing potential maternity/paternity leave, adjusted schedules, and travel arrangements will ensure a smooth transition and continued success within the company.
  • Building a Strong Support System: Relying on a trusted network of friends, family, and childcare providers is essential. Having reliable help in place will alleviate stress and allow wrestlers to focus on both their careers and their families.
  • Maintaining Physical Fitness: While certain adjustments may need to be made during pregnancy and the early stages of parenthood, staying in good physical condition is still vital for a wrestler’s career. Working with a qualified trainer who specializes in pre and postnatal fitness can help wrestlers navigate this process safely and effectively.
  • Prioritizing Mental Health: The physical demands of wrestling coupled with the challenges of parenthood can take a toll on mental well-being. Prioritizing self-care, seeking support when needed, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are crucial for long-term success.

The stories of successful wrestler-parents like those mentioned earlier serve as a testament to the possibility of achieving balance. With dedication, a strong support system, and a commitment to both family and career, wrestlers can navigate the

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