Jane Fonda pens open letter to hospitals after facing cancer twice: ‘There are some big steps that need to be taken’

Renowned actress Jane Fonda recently penned a compelling letter published in Time magazine, urging the healthcare sector to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Drawing from her journey of battling cancer twice, Fonda highlighted the alarming prevalence of the disease in the United States. She underscored the concerning presence of cancer-causing chemicals originating from the dirty energy industry in everyday consumables and water sources.

Fonda shed light on a concerning revelation regarding major healthcare pension funds, including the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, HCA Healthcare, and Ascension Health, which collectively invested over $4.5 billion in polluting dirty energy companies.

Furthermore, she emphasized the significant carbon footprint attributed to the healthcare system, which accounts for nearly 9% of the nation’s planet-warming pollution.

Citing a study from the Harvard Center for Public Health, Fonda pointed out that fossil-fuel-related air pollution led to over 8 million global deaths in 2018, highlighting the urgent need for action.

Despite past progress in addressing environmental concerns within the medical industry, notably in reducing cancer-causing pollution from medical waste incinerators, Fonda stressed that substantial steps are still required.

Jane Fonda's Candid Letter to Hospitals Following Her Double Cancer Ordeal: Demanding Crucial Changes

Advocating for hospitals to embrace sustainable practices, Fonda proposed various measures, including transitioning to renewable energy sources, prioritizing local procurement of supplies and food, electrifying vehicle fleets, promoting telemedicine, eliminating polluting anesthetic gases, and reducing single-use plastics.

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Additionally, she emphasized the significance of reducing meat consumption, citing scientific evidence suggesting its positive impact on curbing deforestation and air pollution.

Innovative initiatives such as NYC Health + Hospitals’ adoption of plant-based diets as the primary menu option for inpatients reflect a growing recognition of the role of nutrition in disease management and environmental sustainability.

Fonda’s letter underscores the pressing need for hospitals to prioritize environmental stewardship with the same determination applied to medical care, heralding a vital call to action for the healthcare sector to enact meaningful change.

This article was originally published in The Cool Down

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