Is RiceGum Gay?

Is RiceGum gay? Today, we’re delving into the world of the one and only RiceGum. You’ve probably seen his fiery Diss tracks, or maybe you’ve jammed out to one of his catchy tunes. But beyond the YouTube fame and platinum records lies a question that’s been buzzing in the minds of many: Is RiceGum gay?

Born Bryan Quang Le, RiceGum has captivated millions with his unique brand of online entertainment. With over 10 million subscribers on his main channel and a knack for stirring up viral controversies, he’s become a digital sensation. But amidst the glitz and glam, there’s a mystery surrounding his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation.

In this article, we’re going to peel back the layers of RiceGum’s life, exploring his relationships and public persona, to get to the bottom of the question: Is RiceGum gay? So grab a snack, settle in, and let’s uncover the truth behind the rumors swirling around one of YouTube’s most intriguing figures.

Is RiceGum Gay? Clarity on His Sexuality

No, RiceGum is not gay. In a recent YouTube video titled “GayGum,” RiceGum humorously addresses the speculation surrounding his sexual orientation. He starts the video by Googling himself and finding that one of the top searches is about his sexuality.

RiceGum clarifies that, while he has nothing against being gay, he is not gay. He jokingly mentions a curious moment from his middle school days but reaffirms his attraction to girls.

Throughout the video, RiceGum playfully dispels misconceptions about himself, including false information about his ethnicity and height found online. Despite the humorous tone, RiceGum’s response offers a straightforward answer to the question while showcasing his playful personality and interaction with his audience.

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He ends the video by expressing gratitude to his viewers for his success on YouTube, humorously noting that he’s more popular than Rihanna on the platform. Overall, RiceGum’s response sheds light on the rumors surrounding his sexuality and reaffirms his heterosexual identity.

Is Rice Gum in a Relationship?

Yes, RiceGum is currently in a relationship. Despite jokingly acknowledging his single status in the past, RiceGum has been involved in several relationships with women, establishing him as straight in terms of sexual orientation.

His first public relationship was with model and Instagram influencer Abby Rao in early 2019. Although some viewers questioned the authenticity of their relationship, RiceGum defended Rao against criticism, indicating genuine care for her.

While the current status of their relationship remains unknown, RiceGum has since moved on to a new girlfriend named Ellerie Marie. Their relationship became public in April 2023 when RiceGum returned to YouTube after a 2+ year break with an emotional video titled “Baby Girl.”

In this video, he revealed that Ellerie Marie tragically experienced a stillbirth, demonstrating the depth of their relationship and the challenges they’ve faced together. This intimate disclosure showcases RiceGum’s commitment to his current partner and highlights the seriousness of their relationship.

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1. Is RiceGum sexually attracted to men?

No, RiceGum is not sexually attracted to men. He has been in relationships with women like Abby Rao and Ellerie Marie, confirming he is straight. Additionally, RiceGum’s protective stance on his family’s privacy reinforces his masculine identity.

2. How old is RiceGum now?

RiceGum is currently 27 years old, born on November 19, 1996.

3. Who was RiceGum’s most recent girlfriend?

RiceGum’s most recent girlfriend is Ellerie Marie. In April 2023, he shared the devastating news that they lost a baby to stillbirth, indicating the seriousness of their intimate relationship.

4. What happened between RiceGum and his sister, Ling Ling?

When RiceGum introduced his younger sister on his YouTube channel, she faced racist trolling. This caused RiceGum significant trauma, leading him to remove the video and prioritize family privacy moving forward.

5. Where is RiceGum originally from in terms of his ancestry?

RiceGum has a Vietnamese mother and a Chinese father. His original family background was Vietnamese-Chinese before he was raised in America, where he rose to prominence as a YouTuber and rapper.

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6. What happened to RiceGum’s baby?

RiceGum announced that his first child with his girlfriend Ellerie was born stillborn, sharing the heartbreaking news with his audience.

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