Is Mary Fowler Gay?

Mary Fowler, the talented Australian professional footballer who showcases her skills both on the field for the Australia women’s national team and in the English Women’s Super League with Manchester City, has been the subject of online rumors regarding her sexual orientation.

NameMary Flower
Date of Birth14 February 2003
Place of BirthCairns, Queensland, Australia
Height1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Position(s)Forward, Midfielder

Although she’s known for her impressive abilities as a forward and her versatility on the field, some have questioned whether Mary Fowler is gay. In this article, we delve into the inquiries surrounding Mary Fowler’s sexuality to provide clarity on the matter. Let’s explore and discover the truth about this remarkable soccer player.

Is Mary Fowler gay?

Is Mary Fowler gay?

No, Mary Fowler is not gay. Rumors regarding her sexual orientation are entirely baseless. It’s important to understand that Mary Fowler has chosen to keep her dating life private, which may have inadvertently led to speculation. Being seen with women on outings or on social media does not automatically determine one’s sexual orientation.

In Mary’s case, these associations could simply be due to her close relationships with teammates, a common occurrence among sports athletes. Let’s approach this matter with maturity and refrain from jumping to conclusions based on limited information or assumptions about someone’s personal life.

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Who Is Mary Fowler Dating?

This question has been on the minds of many since Mary Fowler’s meteoric rise to soccer stardom. While there were rumors surrounding her alleged relationship with Penrith Panthers player Nathan Cleary, those reports were swiftly denied, with Cleary’s team clarifying it was just an “ice cream” outing.

However, a week later, photos of the two together on a stroll sparked renewed curiosity. Despite the speculation, they maintained that they were just friends. As for Mary Fowler’s current relationship status, it remains a mystery.

The soccer sensation, known for her impressive performances with the Australian women’s national team and Manchester City, has managed to keep her personal life under wraps. With the spotlight on the high-profile relationships of her teammates, fans are eager to discover more about Mary Fowler’s romantic life.


Although not much is known about her dating history, the in-depth look into her teammates’ love stories in a Disney Plus documentary about the team has fueled interest in her off-pitch relationships.

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  1. Is Mary Fowler openly lesbian?

Answer: As of my last update, Mary Fowler’s sexuality remains a private matter, and she has not publicly disclosed her sexual orientation. It’s important to remember that personal information like this is typically a personal choice to share or keep private.

  1. Are there any rumors about Mary Fowler’s sexuality?

Answer: Rumors and speculations about the personal lives of celebrities, including athletes, are not uncommon. However, as of now, there haven’t been any substantial or verified reports or statements about Mary Fowler’s sexuality.

  1. Has Mary Fowler discussed her sexuality in interviews?

Answer: Mary Fowler’s public interviews and statements have primarily focused on her soccer career and related topics. Like many public figures, she may choose to share personal aspects of her life when she feels comfortable doing so.

  1. Why is there curiosity about Mary Fowler’s sexuality?

Answer: Interest in the personal lives of public figures, including athletes, is a common phenomenon. Fans and the media often want to know more about the individuals they admire. It’s crucial to approach discussions about someone’s sexuality with respect for their privacy.

  1. Does Mary Fowler’s sexuality affect her soccer career?

Answer: An individual’s sexuality should not affect their ability to excel in their chosen field. Mary Fowler’s abilities, commitment, and training are what have primarily shaped her soccer career. It’s important to separate the personal aspects of someone’s life from their professional achievements.

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